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Shoulder pads, sequins, bodysuits and jumpsuits. Welcome to … not the 80’s, but the J.KWAN world. With a heavy influence from the 80’s aesthetic and a modern twist, the J.KWAN label chooses a strong and intriguing path, while making it work beautifully. Rather it be by combining classic shapes with edgy prints, or on the other hand by associating structural shapes with subtle fabrics, the J.KWAN designs translate the perfect balance that makes the clothes timeless, different and attractive all at the same time.

Just a few weeks away from Fashion Week, it is time to discover the London-based brand, that will be showing its debut collection at London Fashion Week with Oxford Fashion Studio.

“We are about creating pieces our wearers ooze confidence in; taking the streets dressed to the nine’s at any given time.”

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The J.KWAN label is one of those brands that does not really fit into any box regarding its aesthetic. Its uniqueness, rather it be in terms of shapes or in terms of print, translate into an endorsement for women who do not want to fit into the box either.

Behind the brand, Canadian designer Jenn aims to get women to express their stories and their personality. “Fashion is the reflection of one’s confidence and one’s way to communicate; it’s all about the delivery, you have to own it, believe it then slay it- and everyone else will believe what you want them to see”.

Jenn’s biggest influences are clearly recognisable in her designs. Having grown up in the late 80’s-early 90’s, elements such as shoulder pads, sequins and bodysuits are at the core of her collections, combined with her love for London as a creative and edgy city. As a young girl, Jenn remembers twirling around town in three tier dresses handmade by her mom, and finding the greatest fascination in the powerful sound of women walking in sky high heels. From there, all the J.KWAN series make sense and come together to create Jenn’s world : one for a woman who is proud to be different and confident in this difference.

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“Classic never goes out of style but we also desire a bit of that bad girl behaviour hidden within us.”

Jenn will be presenting the debut collection of the J.KWAN label during London Fashion Week with Oxford Fashion Studio, to stimulate and encourage women to be forever more different, edgy, daring and timeless. Her creations will be speaking for her, as a prime example of combining style with confidence on the runway of this Fashion Week.

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